• How would you like to become a true expert in yourself, realize your full potential and lead yourself easily towards building and living the life, you dream of?
  • Can you see yourself stepping into a more powerful and confident you, where you are in control, know exactly where you’re going and why?
  • What if you were able to live life from your strongest self, express yourself fully and feel empowered to succeed in both your personal and business life?

Are you…

An entrepreneur, speaker, coach, trainer or someone with a passion for helping others, who;
  • Wants more confidence, clarity and certainty in your life and business

  • Is tired of quitting on business ideas, before you have completed them

  • Wants to know how to attract and better help your dream customers

  • Often find yourself feeling drained from giving and sacrificing more than you should

  • Compare yourself with others and wonder, if you’ve got what it takes to really make it

  • Feel overwhelmed and unsure about which way to go to succeed in your business

  • Is ready to discover your true potential and start realizing your dreams

If you nodded along to the above, then this course is for you.

Anybody who does this course will have value added to their personal life, career and well being…

Hanco Blignaut, Dentistry Consultant, South Africa

The course was very eye-opening for me. It felt liberating to find out more about my personality and behavior…

Dayana Tsvetkova, Yoga Instructor, UK

The course has had an immediate and substantial impact on my life. I now feel like I have an understanding of motivations, desires and potential of the people around me…

Christian Gray Christoffersen, Content Creator, UK

You might have found yourself putting the needs of others before your own, holding yourself back from being all that you are and never really expressing yourself, your desires and dreams fully.

You probably struggle with seeing not just your own strengths and potential, but also in fully understanding those of your clients and how to best approach, help and influence your ideal customers. 

You’re not sure of how to brand yourself, which marketing style is best for you and might be uncomfortable with selling or at least would like to get better at it and improve your approach to be more effective.

You are afraid that your ideas might not be good enough, that you don’t have enough to offer and are wondering if you’re ever really going to succeed with building the life and business you dream of.

Don’t worry… You’re not alone, you’re not the only one, there is a way out, you do have what it takes and your time is now.

Take the journey with me and I’ll show you the way.

I’m ready

Join this course for…

12 insightful weeks during which you will master the Enneagram, master your personality type and discover how to coach, lead and transform not just your own life, but also the lives of those close to you and your customers

Your teacher and Enneagram Master Practitioner, Vidar, will share all of the vital knowledge necessary to using the Enneagram for personal leadership, self-growth and in building your business.

As it has done for many others, this course on Mastering the Enneagram will fundamentally change your life, your relationships and your business for the better.

Why the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding our different personality types based on how we each see, understand and act in the world around us. It is used across many different industries: from large corporations in terms of management and leadership, to the motivational speaker striving to become better at influencing his or her audience, and to the single individual passionate about their own personal growth.

Ever since Vidar started working with the Enneagram and realized its potential in helping both himself and others create massive transformations in their lives, he has studied with several masters and learned how to create real and lasting change for his clients, helping them succeed with their goals.

The insights of the Enneagram have allowed many others to realize their own strengths and full potential, live life with more ease and comfort, find joy, energy and confidence, build healthier relationships with others, work with their dream customers, take the easiest way to comfortably sell and market their services, and most importantly gain massive momentum in building and living their dream life.

Now it’s your turn to discover and start using the Enneagram to develop and empower yourself, to start living the life you dream of, to build healthier relationship and to create joyful success in your business and personal life.

Let’s do it

Course Content

12 weeks online, 2 hour live modules each Sunday + live Q/A afterwards.

Module 1. Introduction
  • 1.1 Introduction to the course and your test results
  • 1.2 Learning about the fundamentals of the Enneagram
  • 1.3 Discovering and getting to know the 3 intelligences and 9 types
Module 2. Going deeper
  • 2.1 Gaining deeper insights and understanding of the 9 types
  • 2.2 The passions & virtues – discover your unconscious limitations
  • 2.3 Wings – integrating your shadow sides and realizing your potential
Module 3. Personal Growth
  • 3.1 Stress & developmental paths – how to keep yourself in balance
  • 3.2 Levels of development – going from unhealthy to healthy
Module 4: Core Motivation
  • 4.1 Fears and basic desires – finding out how to truly and consistently motivate yourself and others
  • 4.2 Paradigms & values – understanding yourself and others on a deeper level
Module 5: Variants
  • 5.1 The instinctual variants – becoming aware of habitual patterns
  • 5.2 Countertypes – how the types differ in fundamental ways
Module 6: Relationships
  • 6.1 Lost childhood messages – understanding and making peace with your past
  • 6.2 Enneagram pairings – learn how the types interact
Module 7 – Communication Styles
  • 7.1 NLP – a brief introduction to some core elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • 7.2 Language syntax – learn how to apply NLP to the Enneagram
Module 8 – Coaching
  • 8.1 The 6 steps to personal development – a powerful model for creating space for growth in your own and other’s lives
  • 8.2 Structure for coaching – simple techniques to create massive transformation for your clients
Module 9 – Enneagram in Business & Leadership
  • 9.1 Business Mastery Method™ – an introduction to the 3 pillars of business mastery
  • 9.2 Leadership styles – discover your natural and best leadership style
Module 10 – Branding, Persuasion and Marketing
  • 10.1 Sales strategies – learn how to sell with confidence and certainty
  • 10.2 Branding – using the Enneagram for effective branding and persuasive marketing
Module 11 – Preparation for exams
  • 11.1 Course summation and recap
  • 11.2 Getting ready for the final exams
Module 12 – Certifications
  • 12.1 Exams: 30 minutes for your presentation and examination
  • 12.2 Receiving your Enneagram Coach certification
  • 12.3 Celebrations ?
On top of the 12 weeks of live modules and coaching, you also get:
  • Enneagram guest speakers

  • Access to replays

  • Access to module slides

  • Free Enneagram personality test

Mastering The Enneagram

Here’s what you get…
12 live training modules with replays

Everything you need to know to master the Enneagram delivered comfortably to your home.

Value 3214 €

12 live Q&A’s with coaching

Get all your questions answered and receive coaching from an Enneagram expert passionate about helping you.

Value 800 €

And sign up today to also receive these bonuses:

Bonus 1: Enneagram Mastermind Group

Access to a 4-5 people Mastermind with an experienced Enneagram coach, who will guide you on your journey in your business and life after the course

Value 447 €

Bonus 2: Vidar’s Enneagram Coaching Manual™

A step by step approach on identifying a client’s Enneagram type, working with their type and putting in place an action plan for reaching their goals

Value 44 €

You get Valued at
Mastering the Enneagram Course 3124 €
Live Q&A’s with coaching 800 €
Bonus 1: Enneagram Mastermind Group 250 €
Bonus 2: Vidar’s Enneagram Coaching Manual™ 44 €
Total Value
4.218 €

Your price:

1847 €

Starting July 7th and ending September 22nd

Online modules run every Sunday from 10:00-12:30 CEST

There’s only room for 8 people and the course will fill out.

So book your seat now and guarantee your spot.

You get

Mastering the Enneagram: 3124 €

Live Q&A’s with coaching: 800 €

Bonus 1: Enneagram Mastermind Group: 250 €

Bonus 2: Vidar’s Enneagram Coaching Manual™: 44 €

Total Value = 4.218 €

Your price:

1847 €

Starting July 7th and ending September 22nd

Online modules run every Sunday from 10:00-12:30 CEST

There’s only room for 8 people and the course will fill out.

So book your seat now and guarantee your spot.