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Vidar Phoenix, Int. Business Coach & Marketing Manager



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I have done weekly session with Vidar for a year now. When I started working with Vidar, I didn’t have clarity and didn’t know how to take my business to the next level. My whole life has changed within a year. I signed with him to help me with my business, and he turned out to be my personal coach as well, from a place of confusion, doubt and pain, moving me to freedom and success. My coaching business is thriving, beyond what I thought possible, and my secret is the perfectly balanced combination of personal and business coaching from Vidar.

Vidar, what you do and how you do it, astounds me every time. You are a perfect combination of inventive, intuitive, creative, fun, serious, business and sales coaching. He gets you to find great courage within yourself to move forward and step into your own power – almost as if you did it all yourself. I don’t know where I would’ve been if not for your guidance.

Karien Muller, Transformational Life Coach, South Africa

Working with Vidar has been fun and easygoing! He has the mind and passion for creative ideas that rapidly turn into reality! He is an action taker, and at the same time empowers you to make real changes in life too. His knowledge and experience with the Enneagram and the understanding of people makes it smoother for him to teach, guide and even motivate you.

Sherina Shamdasani, Psychologist & Transformational Coach, Barcelona

I’ve only been working with Vidar for a few months both in direct coaching and his online course, and I already have so much more confidence in myself! It’s been life changing working with Vidar and I’m excited for what comes next.

When we first started working together, I was feeling unsure about my business and how to approach it. Now I know what I want to do, what to focus on and I’m feeling empowered to achieve my goals! I would highly recommend him to help you with your personal life and business.

Marcelle Opperman, Business Owner, South Africa

Vidar is a very creative and motivating person. He’s great at helping you gain clarity and confidence on the path of building your business. Vidar can support you in revealing stumbling blocks and bringing about more self awareness. His way of putting things together is just great. He helps you to connect the dots and provides you with a fresh perspective on the issues you may have.

Bea Jucker, Radio Presenter, Speaking & Coaching, Switzerland

Vidar has been my mentor for more than 2 years and it’s been a pleasure working with him. He’s helped me find clarity on my business projects, get clearer direction on a personal level and to improve my relationships, with myself and others.

His courses and our coaching sessions have taught me a lot and helped me succeed with many of my goals. Today, both my personal life and business is better, because of our work together. His mentorship has definitely been life changing!

Hanco Blignaut, Business Owner, South Africa